When the time comes to repair or replace your roof, you can hire a less reputable roofer, or you can hire a local company that genuinely cares about providing excellent service and quality products. Shelter Pro, Inc. is compromised of experienced roofers and a staff that genuinely cares about your satisfaction. Choosing the right roofing company is the single most important choice you’ll make in this process. A quality roof installation can add years to the life of your roof, saving you thousands of dollars and potentially adding to the value of your home. When you get close to making your final decision and have compared all of your bids, feel free to contact us with any questions, big or small. We have previous insurance claims adjusters on staff to help you get the most out of your insurance claim and knowledgeable and experienced roofing specialists ready to answer any of your questions. Here at Shelter Pro, we care about your satisfaction and process only with your best interests in mind.

Shelter Pro, Inc. has been a local, family operated roofing and storm restoration company since 1984. With more than 35 years of experience, we proudly offer only the highest quality products installed by the most qualified technicians. We also offer value added services such of gutters, siding, windows, fencing, painting and garage doors. With locations in San Antonio and the Port Aransas area, we have an office that can serve you!


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